February 2021 MATHiaFlex Product Updates

We’re excited to share the new features and updates we’ve been working on to give you an even better experience!

What’s New?





LiveLab, our live facilitation tool, is now available for MATHiaFlex! LiveLab empowers you with in-the-moment, actionable data to efficiently and effectively manage students working synchronously in MATHiaFlex. Dynamic indicators instantly identify which students are working or idle, while alerting you to students who may need additional support. Live notifications help you monitor students as they progress through the content and help those who are unable to master specific skills or complete certain activities. For more info, click here


In Progress Assignment Status


The In Progress Status has now been added to teacher and student views. This new status will appear when a student has begun an assignment.  This will allow teachers to better monitor students’ progress and remind them to complete assignments if necessary. When a student opens an assignment and they do not submit it at that time, an In Progress flag will be added to the assignment tile to indicate it is something that the student needs to finish.




Assignment Overview Page

We have improved our Assignment Overview page! You are now able to view our new scoring options at the assignment level. We have also included a feature that summarizes class averages for the assignments assigned to students as well as the option to search and filter through your student list!