October 2020 MATHiaFlex Product Updates

We’re excited to share the new features and updates we’ve been working on to give you an even better experience!

What’s New?





We’ve added a new activity type in MATHiaFlex to help you understand what students know and gauge their readiness to learn mathematical concepts. ReadyCheck activities are brief formative assessments that are specifically designed to help you identify and remediate student learning gaps. From the Assignment Library, filter by Level (for example, Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1) and then by “ReadyCheck” in the activity dropdown to see what’s available. You can find more information on how to use ReadyCheck assessments here.


Standards Report


The Standards Report was the first of three reports that we released this school year. It gives you an easy view of student progress and proficiency on all of the assigned standards. When you log in to MATHiaFlex, click on the Reports tab to check it out.


Scores Report

We are very excited to release a brand new Scores Report! The Scores Report allows you to easily view and assign scores at the Class level, and to drill down to individual students’ reports as well. For more information, click here.


Home Connection

Home Connection is a library of resources that gives parents and guardians everything they need to support their math students from home, including family guides for every topic in each course, student videos, assignment downloads, searchable glossaries, and much more! Be sure to check it out and share!



Coming Soon!

LiveLab, our live facilitation tool, will be available for MATHiaFlex soon! LiveLab empowers you with in-the-moment, actionable data to efficiently and effectively manage students working synchronously in MATHiaFlex. Dynamic indicators instantly identify which students are working or idle, while alerting you to students who may need additional support. Live notifications help you monitor students as they progress through the content and help those who are unable to master specific skills or complete certain activities.