How do I have a student go back and do the work I skipped them over?

It is possible for students to  re-do a workspace that they were skipped over by using the "Change Placement" function within Teachers Toolkit.


1. Log into your My CL account and go to Teacher’s Toolkit.

2. Click on the checkerboard icon in the top right corner and choose Students.

3. Search for the student with the issue by entering their name in the search box.

4. Once you find them, click on their name to view their details.

5. Left click on the open module that contains the workspace you want the student to re-do. A gray menu will appear:


6. Click the Change Placement option.

7. From the Change Placement menu, choose the unit and workspace where you want to move the student back.

8. Click OK and the student's placement will be changed.


Please keep in mind these considerations when changing placement for any subsequent workspaces that the student completes, which they had previously completed: