Reading Strategies to Engage All Students

Many myths clutter the math space. It is common to hear statements like: “I’m not a math person.” “I just need to remember the formula.” and the topic of this article:“I shouldn’t have to read in math class.” This article provides you with reading strategies that will demonstrate that notion is absolutely untrue!


Students using our materials are expected to read and understand substantial amounts of written content. Although our content is designed to be appropriate for students at grade level, some teachers may be concerned about implementing the program with readers who struggle to understand written language. This article provides practical suggestions for implementing our materials with such struggling readers.


It is also important to note that we use MetaMetrics to conduct Lexile evaluations of all of our solutions to ensure that readability is appropriate. We can provide additional details re: lexile evaluations upon request at



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General Classroom Environment



Creating Access to the Mathematics



Maintaining Access to the Mathematics



Assessing Mathematical Progress



Software Interaction



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