eReaders WL

Leveled eReaders are available for each program to assist teachers in incorporating more reading into their world language classroom. The eReaders are all chapter books that encompass a range of topics: cultural and historical subjects, original stories and mysteries, common fables and fairy tales, and excerpts and adaptations of classics. The type and number of readers vary by program. 


  1. eReaders can be found on the Resources page in the online learning environment for teachers and students. To access your resources, you must first have a class created. 

  2. Once you have selected a class and are on the Class Dashboard, click Content Library in the lower left. Then, click Resources.

  1. eReaders appear after all program resources. You can filter to Resource - Reader to see eReaders for a specific level or levels.





There are two major series of eReaders that come with slightly different resources and supports, as well as a separate series for Chinese:

  1. CIDEB: This series includes the readers with the primarily black covers. These eBooks have synchronized audio (which highlights the text as it plays) and interactive activities to give students immediate feedback. Activities include comprehension questions as well as grammar and vocabulary practice for each chapter.

  2. My Language Town: This series includes the readers with the colorful covers. Some titles have audio available, which is indicated in the Table of Contents. There are printable activities and vocabulary for each reader available in a PDF. Students or teachers can download, print, and share those items. Activities include comprehension questions, grammar and vocabulary practice, as well as cultural connections and ideas for follow up activities or projects. 

  3. Mandarin Companion: This series includes readers for students learning Chinese. These eBooks include a list of key words, discussion questions for each chapter, character comparison reference, and grammar point index.