M&W Grab-and-Go Activities for ELA

Our team of editors and Literacy Specialists have created one-week activity bundles in Passport. Each of these contains everything you need to assign a week’s worth of work to your students all at once.  There are four weeks of work for middle school, and four weeks of work for high school.  The bundles are designed to be used with any middle school or high school grade level, not just the designated grade level.




1. To find your Grab-and-Go activities in Passport, log in, open the Content Library, and go to your Assignables tab.



2. In the drop-down menu for Type, select Bundle.



3. Then remove all Grade level filters. In Authored By, check Passport Community.



4. A list of activity bundles will appear. You can browse these, or search for “Grab-and-Go.”