M&W Add Classes

Add a class for each class period that you teach, giving it a unique title. You may add multiple classes for a class period if, for example, there are different sections within that class.



*Any courses you previously created will be visible. 

1. Click the blue Add New Class button to create your class.

2. In the dialog box, fill out the following required fields:

          a. Class Name: Name it so that it indicates clearly what it is. (ie. English 1 Period 1 19-20)

          b. School: Select your school from the drop-down menu.

          c. Start Date / End Date: Defaults to one year, change if desired.

          d. Class Color: Choose one of 6 colors to show as the tab color for the class.

          e. Program: Select the program your district uses from the drop-down menu.

          f. Level/Grade: Select a default level or grade.

              *Note: you will be able to assign and view resources from other levels or grades, in addition to the one you select.

          g. Set Max Attempts: Select 1, 2, 3, 4, or Unlimited attempts.

          h. Co-Teachers: Passport allows for the addition of a co-teacher. Co-teachers will have the same functionality as the primary teacher. This field is optional but does allow for the selection of multiple co-teachers if necessary.

 3. Add Class should be enabled in blue text. If you are unable to select Add Class, please verify that all required fields are completed. Click the Add Class button to complete your class creation.