M&W Add Students Individually

Teachers can manually enter a student’s email address, first and last name, and a temporary password to enroll them into a class. Only use this method for a small number of students. For returning Online Learning Environment students, the system will automatically populate the student’s first and last name for you, based on the email address entered.



1. If you are on My Classes, click the name of the class you wish to view.


2. When you are on the Class Dashboard, you will see the list of students already enrolled. If there are not any, then you will be prompted to Add Students. If a student you want in the class is not enrolled, you can click, Add Students.

3. If you do not see the student's name in the list of existing students, then click the Add New Student button to add an individual student.

Enter the student’s email address. If the student is new to the Online Learning Environment, you’ll need to add a First Name, Last Name, and a Password (at least 1 character and 1 number, with a minimum of 8 characters). If you prefer, you can generate a random password instead. Click Add Student to complete the registration process. Provide the student with their password so that they can log in at 



If the student already has an Online Learning Environment account, the name fields will auto-populate after entering their email address. Click Add Student to complete the registration process. That student should log in at carnegielearning.com/login with their previous password. If they forget what that is you can go in later and give them a new password.