M&W Add Students Using Invite Code



Each class generates its own invite code, so be careful to only share the code to a class with the students who are to be enrolled in that particular class. 


1. If you are on My Classes, click "View Class" for the class you want to view.


2. When you are on the Class Dashboard, you will see the list of students already enrolled in the class.  If there are none, then you will be prompted to Add Students. 


3. Click Add Student.


4. The Add Student window will appear and an invite code will display in a blue box. This Invite Code is the code for this class. Click the blue button to copy the code to the clipboard. Share this invite code with the entire class, so that they can self-enroll.



1. Students will visit carnegielearning.com/login and click I have an invite code.


2. They will enter their school email and the invite code that you provided, then click Sign Up.


3. If the student new to the Online Learning Environment, they will be prompted to enter their first and last name and create a password. Timezone and State will already be populated.


4. Students will have the option to add a profile picture. They can select a photo from a file, or use their camera to take one. Once a picture has been selected, click Update Profile Image. Once the image has been saved, click Login.

5. If a student does not wish to add a photo, they can skip that step and just click Login.

6. Students will now be logged in to their class in the Online Learning Environment. They will return to carnegielearning.com/login to log in with their email and password the next time they want to access their class. 

7. If the student has been enrolled in the Online Learning Environment before, they will be asked to register for the class. Clicking the Register button will register them for the class, and they will be redirected to the login page.