M&W Class View and Heatmap

You can use Class View and Heatmap in the eReaders as an at-a-glance way to view students’ engagement with a text.


  1. Open your eReader. (For more information on that, see Related Articles.)

  2. Open your App Settings by clicking the gear icon.

  1. Under Reader Settings, turn on Class View. This will allow you to see all of your students’ highlights at once.


You’ll be able to see their individual highlights as well as any comments they’ve left.

  1. You can use the heatmap as an at-a-glance assessment tool if your class has focusing on one highlight color for one aspect of the text (e.g. highlight examples of imagery).


The heat map shows a different color depending on how many students highlighted certain parts of the text. More highlights will show up as a darker color; fewer highlights will be a lighter color.