M&W eLibrary

The ever-growing Mirrors & Windows eLibrary contains a searchable library of over 300 nonfiction and fiction selections for independent reading. The eLibrary helps you personalize content to students’ interests and reading level. 



  1. Open the Content Library, go to your Resources page and click the eLibrary tile. It is one of the pinned resource tiles.


  1. This will open up a dashboard with easy access to the entire collection:

  1. Click the Filters icon to search by author or title in the search bar:

  1. Note that selection covers are color coded by genre. You can filter by genre by clicking Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Drama, or Folk Literature.


  1. You can also filter by sub-genre in the filters panel:

  1. Scroll down in the filter menu to search for a specific lexile range.


  1. Clear Filters will remove all filters you’ve selected.


  1. Students have access to the eLibrary through their Resources pages. You can direct them to read specific titles, or have them browse on their own.