M&W Novel Study Library

Mirrors & Windows Novel Studies bring you student-centered, flexible instruction for novels that fits in and around your core curriculum. Students engage with diverse, high-interest novels through collaborative discussion and a range of writing activities, building academic and social-emotional skills in tandem. Choose from over 200 novel studies and find a great fit for your students every year with an ever-expanding library of options.

Novel Study Library


1. To locate the Novel Study Library, from the Content Library, open the Resources tab, and locate the Novel Study Library pinned resource. 


2. Click on Filters to search by Title or Author or to filter by Genre, Grade or Lexile Range. Note: the Novel Study Teacher Handbook will remain fixed in the top left position even when filters are applied. 


3. You are able to view the Lexile level and a brief summary of each title in a preview prior to opening the novel study by clicking on a title.