M&W Resources Search/Filter

In the Resources page, you will find all of your Mirrors & Windows content in digital format, plus a wealth of additional resources including assessments, independent reading libraries, and online tools. To navigate your resources, use the Search and Filters tools.



  1. Open the Content Library and click on the Resources tab to open your Resources page.  On the Resources page you will see all of the resources available as tiles in a scrollable menu. Keep clicking Load More to browse all of them.

  1. If you are looking for a specific resource, you can type keywords into the search bar:

  1. You can also use the filters to search for what you want. Use the “Grade” filter to select your Grade.

  1. Use the “Type” filter to select what type of resource you’re looking for. For example, you can filter by Student or Teacher Materials.


  1. Use the “Resource” filter to drill down more specifically. For example, you can select just the close reading videos, or just the eReader novels.