M&W Set Resource to Practice

There may be a resource that you wish to open up to students as practice only. This means that the students would be able to access all of the interactive activities in that resource (ie. a workbook), and upon submission would see immediate feedback if available. You will not be able to see their work for these activities.

An example of when you might do this is: You are teaching 10th grade, but there are some things from 9th grade that the students really need to go back and review. If you open a 9th grade workbook to them as practice, they will be able to practice anything they need to work on and get automated feedback, but you don’t have to worry about assigning the work or looking at grades for that work.




1. To access your resources in Online Learning Environment, open the Content Library and click on the Resources tab.

2. Click on the Resource you wish to set to practice, such as the Writing and Grammar Workbook.

  1. Click on the cog to the far right and check the box that says Set resource to practice.

  1. You will get this message.

  1. Students can now open the eBook and access any of the interactive activities.

  2. Repeat the process for all classes you wish to set the resource to practice for.

  3. To remove the resource as practice, simply follow the same steps and uncheck the box.

  4. NOTE Assigning a specific activity to students from your assignments library will override Practice Mode and allow them to submit a response to you.