M&W Standards Drawer

Some versions of Mirrors & Windows provide access to a standards drawer in the digital Teacher Edition. This is an interactive index to show what standards are covered and where.


  1. To access the standards drawer, go to your Resources page and open your Teacher's Edition.

  2. If your Teacher's Edition has a standards drawer, you will see this on the left. 

  1. Click it to open the standards drawer. Note that you can move this window around so that you can view the page under it at the same time.

  1. You will see three options. “All Standards,” lists all of the standards and where they are covered.


  1. “On this Page” lists the standards covered on the page you are currently viewing, and all of the other pages where it is also covered.


  1. “Search Standards” allows you to search by standard code or keyword.



  1. In any of these views, you can click on a page number to jump to that page.