M&W Using eReaders

Each main selection in the student edition is also available as an eReader selection. These have web-based text, with a single scroll view, highlighting abilities, and social annotations (the ability for students to make notes, and comment on other readers’ notes as well). You can view and assign these selections to students in Online Learning Environment.



  1. To locate your eReaders in Resources, check “eReader Selection” in your Resource filter.


  1. All of the eReaders from the grade(s) you’ve selected will appear in your window--one cover for each selection.



  1. For information on how to assign eReaders, see the article below.




  1. eReaders resemble web based text. Scroll down to see more.

  1. You can change the view settings by clicking the gear icon at the top right.


  1. This will allow you to change the font, font size, and spacing of the text to make it easier to read:


  1. Note that some of the eReaders contain paired selections. Hit the Next Page arrow to see the second selection.

  1. You can click on a title image to see an author bio.


  1. You can click on underlined words for definitions of key vocabulary words and phrases:

  1. Readers can highlight text they read. Select text to highlight a word or phrase and click the colored dots to change the highlight color.



  1. As a teacher, you can choose how the different colors are tagged by going to App Settings. Click “Edit” to change a tag.



  1. From the highlighted text, readers can also leave a written, audio, or video annotation, or upload a file.



  1.  As a teacher, you have the option to view all of your students’ highlights at one time. For more information on Classview and Heat map, see the article below.

  2.  Students in a class can add to and respond to others’ comments. For more on Class Mode and Socialize, see the article below.