M&W Assign Activities from Assignables

To assign activities in Passport, you must first have a class created. You can search and filter to find all types of available activities in the Assignables tab of the Content Library.


  1. You can access your Assignables for your program(s) at any time. This is the hub for browsing, creating, managing or assigning activities of all types. See related articles below for information about creating activities and working with bundles.

  2. Open the Content Library, and the default tab is the Assignables tab.

  1. To browse existing activities to assign to your classes:

  2. Use the filters to narrow your search parameters:

    • Type: Bundle, Custom, eReaders, eBook Activity, or Performance

    • Resources: Choose one or more

    • Grade: You can assign activities from any grade to any class

    • Unit: not all items are associated with a unit

    • Auto-Evaluate: Filters for activities that are automatically graded in Passport

    • Authored by: defaults to you and the program; you may want to add other selections to find activities authored by colleagues or Passport at large.

  3. You can type part of a title in the Search bar if you know the title.

  4. You can designate if want to assign a Bundle or an individual Activity

  5. If you wish to see more than 10 items at a time, change the Items per page at the bottom. 

  6. You can click the Page column to sort in page number order. The default is by activity title.

  1. To preview an activity, click the title of the activity and then click Launch Activity

  1. To assign an activity, click the plus sign to add the assignment to the cart. Once you have added the assignment to the cart, the icon will change to a  minus sign showing the activity is already in the cart. eBook activities will show if they are auto-evaluated or not on the far right column. You can slide the Assign Cart up or down if it is in your way. 


  1. You can select different filters to choose activities from more than one resource to put into your cart. Continue doing so until you have all of the activities you want to assign in the cart. 

  2. As long as you do not refresh your screen, use your back arrow, or leave Passport, the activities you select will stay in your cart anchored to the right of your screen. 

  3. When you are ready to assign the activities from your cart, click on the Assign Cart to open it. 

  1. You can drag the activities in the cart into a certain order if you like. You have the option to Assign or Convert to Bundle. See Related Articles below for information on Bundles.

  2.  Click Assign. You have an opportunity to review the activites before you assign them to your students.  You can deselect an activity or rearrange the order of the activities by clicking and dragging them. Click Next.

  1.   Set the start date and due date and max attempts for the activities.  Select one or more classes to assign the activities to. If you wish, you can change the start and due dates and max attempts per class. You can also click open the class to make individual student adjustments to the dates and max attempts, or opt a student out of the activities.


  1.  Click Assign, and you will see a popup that alerts you that the assignment was assigned to your students.