Accessing Flipgrid from Mobile Devices

Flipgrid is an engaging social learning tool that allows students to video record responses and share them to a class discussion board, or grid. Flipgrid provides exciting opportunities to build a classroom community with teacher prompts, student posts, responses, and other safe and positive social media elements. Flipgrid integration in Passport means students can practice speaking, discuss cultural topics, and reflect on their learning anytime, anywhere. 

Since video recording is not supported in mobile browsers, students wishing to record Flipgrid responses on a mobile device will need to download and launch the Flipgrid app. These instructions will guide students through launching the Flipgrid app from Passport.

Accessing Flipgrid from Mobile Devices 

  1. Install the Flipgrid app from either the Apple App store or Google Play store.

  2. Log in to Passport using your mobile browser (Safari or Chrome).

  3. Within Passport, click on your Flipgrid assignment:

  4. You will receive this message to either download the app or launch it. This will open up the app so that you can record.


  1. You may be asked to enter some information or see a Welcome screen the first time you access Flipgrid on your mobile device. 

  1. Click Next to access the assignment.

  1. When you are finished recording, you will need to click Safari or Chrome in the upper left corner to return to the browser and to Passport. 

  2. If you are accessing Flipgrid on your Resources page and receive this message, click the blue button to Join with Carnegie Learning. You may also get a secondary message to authorize your account. Click the Authorize button.  



  1. You will be taken to the Flipgrid for your class. You can view other responses within the grid in Passport; but if you wish to reply or record another response, you will be prompted again to download or launch the app.

If you are having trouble, please contact Customer Support