Disable Grammarly for Chrome Browser Extension

Many users find that they are unable to access Performance or Flipgrid video activities in Passport if the Grammarly for Chrome browser extension is active. When you attempt to access an activity which uses your webcam, the screen will dim for a second and nothing will happen after attempting to open the assignment. In order to resolve this issue, disable the Grammarly for Chrome extension.





  1. To disable Grammar and Spelling check, click on the green Grammarly icon to the right of the address bar from any page from within the site https://passport.carnegielearning.com .

  1. Next, click the green toggle to the right of the text, “Check Grammar and Spelling on passport.emcl.com” turning it from green to grey.

As illustrated in the screenshot above, the Grammarly icon in the toolbar indicates that it is disabled. Please note that disabling Grammarly in this manner only disables the extension for Passport.

  1. Re-open the assignment you wish to record and follow the instructions.

  2. If you are still having trouble, please contact Customer Support https://www.carnegielearning.com/contact/#support.