Adding Products to an Existing Class (2023-2024)

Adding additional products to a class is always possible from the class Overview screen.


  1. Begin Editing the Class:

    Select the Edit button in order to begin the process of adding a product to the class.

  3. Choose to Add Product:

    Select the Add/Remove Product button to view the list of available products.

  4. Pick Product:

    Check the box(es) for the products that need to be assigned.

  5. Save Product:

    Select OK to move on to the next step of assigning content.

  6. Assign Content:


    1. Navigate to the Clear Learning tab and select the Edit button to view the available textbook resources.

    2. Check the boxes for the textbook and MATHstream resources to assign to the class and select the Save button.



    Navigate to the MATHia Syllabus tab and select the Edit button to view the available MATHia modules.


  7. When selecting MATHia content, you can turn additional content on or off using the toggle button under the Primary Course Content.

  8. When additional content is turned on, you will have access to pre-loaded mini-readiness or re-engagement modules.