Answering Questions in MATHstream

During each Skill Stream, you will be prompted to answer questions that appear during and after the video.

The progress bar at the bottom of the video provides a way to see where you are in the stream. The white circles indicate where questions occur.


Answer Streaks

You will be rewarded for Answer Streaks and will receive a badge for:


Answer Passes

Answer Passes will allow you to maintain your streak, even if you come upon a question that stumps you. If you’re sure you don’t know an answer, you can use your Answer Pass and get a “pass” for that question until you understand it better. Using the Answer Pass prevents you from losing your answer streaks. Be careful though! Only 2 answer passes can be used in one stream.

Answer Streak Repairs allow you to “fix” your streak after breaking it. 


support for when you are stuck

Support Purpose When do I use it?
  • Hints are provided to help you answer questions.
  • Hints are available for zero coins and do not penalize you in any way.
  • Use Hints when you aren't sure how to  approach a problem and need help getting started.
Answer Pass
  • The Answer Pass allows you to maintain your answer streaks.
  • Use the Answer Pass if you simply do not know the answer.



Power-up Boosts 

When you’re confident you know something, you can elect to use a “Surprise Multiplier” or a “Double Dip” power-up, which give you a chance to multiply your coin earnings for the question you are on. 


Using the Math Keyboard