Beta Features

What is a beta feature?

A beta feature is a feature that we are providing early access to. It is very close to being released as 100% working, but before we do that, we'd like to get additional customer feedback. There may still be some issues to fix or test more before removing the "beta" status and officially releasing it. When we release a new feature, the team closely monitors the feedback and continues to refine it over the following weeks and months. 

Having people test the beta features is essential. No single software (of any kind) can be tested under every system or configuration possible. Beta versions make it possible for as many people as possible to test the features on different browsers and configurations and give us valuable feedback before we consider the feature complete. This helps everyone – both developers and customers.


Send us your feedback and questions!

We want to hear from you! So let us know: Are you missing something you need? Do you see any bugs? Is the feature frustrating to use? Do you see something you like? Anything at all, let us know by email at