Copying an Existing Class in Teacher’s Toolkit (2023-2024)

Using the Copy Class tool is helpful when large numbers of classes with the same assigned products and content need to be created.


  1. Copy a Class:

    Select the Copy Existing Class button on the Teacher's Toolkit homepage.

    The Copy Class feature can also be accessed in the Classes section.

  2. Entering New Class Information:

    1. Select the class that you'd like to copy from the drop down menu.
    2. Type in the name of the new class.
    3. If required, change the instructor.
    4. Select the blue Copy Class button to save and move on.

  3. Viewing Class Details:
    Once saved, you will be redirected to the Class Details screen for the newly created class.

  4. Enrolling Students:
    Students will need to be enrolled into the class. See this article for instructions on how to add and enroll students into the class.