Creating a Class in Teacher’s Toolkit (2023-2024)

The Create Class Wizard will walk you through the process of setting up your class. You will name your class, choose the appropriate content for it, and assign students to it.

To Create a New Class


  1. Pick a Product

    Select the product(s) that need to be assigned to the class. You may see all or some of the icons below. Choose all of the products that pertain to the class you are creating. Use the Progress Bar to track each step as you create a class.

  2. Define Class
    1. Select the Instructor from the drop-down menu.
    2. Fill in the Class Name.
    3. Select the Start Date and End Date for the class.
    4. Select the set of mathematical standards that you would like to have displayed in the Skills and Standards report.
    5. Choose the Theme, Class Category, and Profile for your class.
    6. Click Continue.


  3. Select Content

    There are three ways you can select content. 
    1. Choose a Constructed Course: Select Carnegie Learning standard curricula that you can customize for your class.
    2. Copy Modules from Class: Use a curriculum that has been created for another class. You can optionally edit the curriculum.
    3. Select Modules: Select and arrange modules as a primary or additional curriculum.


    Choose a Constructed Course

    Only Carnegie Learning Courses are constructed courses.

    Curriculum Time Estimates are provided for teachers to gauge approximately how long it will take the class to complete the Primary modules in the sequence.

    Note about the Curriculum Time Estimates data:

    • Hours displayed reflect Primary modules.
    • The data is informed by Carnegie Learning historical usage data that spans across many student populations and class types, so your class' usage time may vary.


    Copy Modules from a Class

    Classes created by you and other teachers at your school are available here.

    The Search function can be used to narrow your choices.


    Select Modules

    Select individual modules to create your own sequence. To add modules to a group, choose Edit Group.

    Next, select Add and then Update Group.


  4. Add Content.

    Provide students with access to digital course content.
  5. Add Students
    1. Import Class Roster: Use this option if you have an external .csv file that contains the students that will be in this class.
    2. Add New Students: Use this option if you want to manually add students to the school and automatically assign them to this class.
    3. Select Existing Students: Use this option if students have already been added to your school and you need to assign them to this class.


    Preview of  Select Existing Students option.