Exploring Your Digital Bookshelf: Skills Practice and Assessments

In your Teacher Collection you will find a teacher edition of the Assessments and  both student and teacher editions of the Skills Practice and Mixed Practice books. These digital resources provide you with a digital version of every assessment, skills practice, and mixed practice document for each Topic for the chosen course. 


The digital books have the same view, print, and annotating ability as your digital Teacher’s Implementation Guide and Student Edition. See Icons in Your Digital Book for more information about the functionality  of each button.


 Key Features

  1. Click on any standard code to view the standard.

  2. Click on any download button to download documents at the module and topic levels.

  3. Toggle the Answer button in the Teacher Editions to display or hide the answers.


  4. Bookmark any page for easy reference.

  5. Use the print button or the download button to view, download, and print a copy of any resource.