How do I restart or skip a problem?

If MATHia won't load or a student seems "stuck" in a problem, you can restart the problem. The Class Details page in the Teacher's Toolkit allows teachers to restart or skip problems. 




1. Log into your My CL account and go to Teacher’s Toolkit.


2. Click on the Class Details tab in the upper left corner.


3. Check the box next to the student whose problem you need to restart or skip.


4. Left click on the module the student is working on and a gray menu will appear.



5. Click on Restart Problem.


6. In the window that opens, choose Reset Current Problem.


7. Click OK.


8. Have the student login and test to see if they are able to launch the problem. If they cannot, go to step 10.


9. Repeat steps 5-6.


10. In the window that opens, choose Reset Step-By-Step Problems instead of Reset Current Problem



11. Click OK.


This should allow the student to launch MATHia successfully.