LiveHint Overview

What is LiveHint?


LiveHint is Carnegie Learning's new live textbook assistant. LiveHint allows students to obtain real-time hints on textbook assignments through a Conversational ChatBot (TutorBot) from any device. With LiveHint, students and parents never have to navigate through textbook assignments on their own.

LiveHint should be used by students completing Practice problems in the Assignment section of a Carnegie Learning Textbook. LiveHint can be used alone or together with a parent, teacher, or fellow student.


Video overview


Getting Started


To get started using LiveHint, simply go to on any device and click the button for your textbook! There is no registration or sign in required.

You can also select Español to access the Spanish version of LiveHint. 


Which devices can LiveHint be used on?


LiveHint can be supported on all devices - Smartphone, Tablet, Chromebook, Desktop or Laptop Computer. Depending on the device you are using, the welcome screen may look different. We recommend keeping operating systems and browsers up-to-date.

LiveHint can also be used with Alexa, Google Home, and Google Assistant compatible devices. 


How is student data handled?


There is no personal data stored in the LiveHint product. Students can access the hints and learning supports without providing any personal identifying information.