Using LiveHint

LiveHint is Carnegie Learning's new live textbook assistant. LiveHint allows students to obtain real-time hints on textbook assignments through a Conversational ChatBot (TutorBot) from any device. With LiveHint, students and parents never have to navigate through textbook assignments on their own.

Getting Started


There are two ways to access LiveHint. You can simply go to on any device and click the button that corresponds to your textbook. Some textbooks include QR codes on the Assignment page(s), providing another way to access LiveHint. There is no registration or sign in required.

You can also select Español to access the Spanish version of LiveHint. 


Using LiveHint


You can watch our LiveHint video tutorial or review the instructions below.

To get started, all you’ll need is the Assignment that you are working on in your Carnegie Learning textbook. (Please note that hints are only available for Assignment questions right now).

An Assignment in the 3rd Edition Carnegie Learning textbook looks like the image below: Assignments in the 4th Edition Carnegie Learning MATHbook will be in a similar format.

When working through an Assignment, first try to solve the problem on your own. Then, if you need some help, go to the FIRST PAGE of the assignment you are working on. You will find the information you need at the bottom of the page.

On, you will be prompted to enter this information: 

Below are examples of screens you’d see as you enter this information into LiveHint:


How it Works


Once you enter all the identifying information, you will be provided with a re-statement of the Assignment directions. Always read directions carefully! The "pause" between the directions and the hints gives you the opportunity to try the problem before looking at the hints. Doing so will help you benefit more from the hints when you see them.

For help, click “See a Hint” in the above view. 

Hints will begin to be delivered:

You will be asked to rate the helpfulness of hints. This will help us always improve them to be as helpful as they can be!


You will be presented with more options. 

ALWAYS pause to problem-solve in between hints! 

Click “See Another Hint” to get a progressively more specific hint. This means the first hint was meant to help you think through the problem in a deeper way. The second hint will give you even more direct help. 

Click “Another question” if you’ve finished your work on this question, but need assistance on another. 

Click “Start over” if you need to start from the beginning!


Example Hint 2:

Once there are no further hints to be displayed, you will be presented with these options to choose from: