At-Risk Student Alert In LiveLab

The At-Risk Student Alert tells a teacher when a student is at risk of not mastering a workspace, as they are struggling with the understanding of a specific math concept. The warning will appear as a life preserver icon next to the student’s current status on the main Class Dashboard. 



Click to the Student Details screen to review which workspace they are struggling with and the specific math skills covered in that workspace to better understand how to provide targeted remediation for this student.

You can review the skills in the Mastery Progress section of the Student Dashboard to help you provide that targeted remediation.

How does this work? 

As students work through mastery workspaces and complete problems, MATHia is constantly calculating their skill levels based on if they get each step in the problem correct or incorrect. Using this information and historical completion data about each workspace, we know that when a student reaches a certain point in a given workspace and their skill level is below a certain threshold, they are not likely to master the workspace. For example, if a student is working on the fifth problem in a workspace and has not yet mastered a skill that most students have mastered at this point, that might be an indicator that the student will not be able to master the workspace as a whole.

We are able to power MATHia + LiveLab with this same knowledge. Using models learned from historical completion data, we are able to detect students who are at risk of not mastering a given workspace. At this point, we suggest that the teacher intervene to help the student with the workspace they are struggling with.


How is this different from the monitor status?

Monitor status means that a student is not currently progressing through the assigned content productively. This may include students with high levels of activity who are making a large number of errors and/or requesting an above-average number of hints. The "At-Risk Student Alert" is a sub-status that can appear on the existing student status indicators for idle, monitor or working.