LiveLab Overview

LiveLab is Carnegie Learning’s live facilitation tool that empowers teachers with in-the-moment, actionable data to enable them to efficiently and effectively manage students working in MATHia during a classroom lab. Dynamic indicators instantly identify which students are working or idle, while providing alerts to the educator for students who may need additional support. Live notifications allow teachers to recognize students progressing through their content, or help those who were unable to master specific skills or complete certain activities. 

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LiveLab will be available in your MyCL portal after you've signed in with your current username and password. 



Understanding the Statuses



Individuals who are placed in the Monitor category are the students who are in need of your support, relative to the rest of the class.



The student is signed in, but has had zero activity in 5 minutes.




The student is actively working through the assigned content.




Student is not signed in.


Supported Devices


LiveLab is designed to work on most tablets, Chromebooks, PCs, and smartphones! 

For more information about the system requirements, see MATHia System Requirements