Understanding the APLSE Report

The Adaptive Personalized Learning Score (APLSE) Report is a predictive report that displays class and student progress over time. The APLSE Report takes all aspects of a class or student's work into consideration and provides each class and student with an APLSE Score.



The score is based on the amount of work completed, the time taken to complete it, and student performance (including content mastery, hint requests, and errors). Regardless of the date range selected, the APLSE Score and graph displayed will always represent the APLSE year-to-date score (out of the total). This is intentionally done to give a full-year picture.

Each class has a total APLSE Score that is determined by sequenced content included in that class.



The graph is designed to show progress over time and predict where a class or specific student will end up at the end of a school year (with regard to the assigned content). Over time, the APLSE graph will display the entire length of the course. When a date range is selected, it will be highlighted. The prediction line shows where a class or specific student will end the year if they continue at the same pace.

A date range is provided to view APLSE Report data in weekly increments (Sunday to Saturday).

The total possible APLSE Score for a class is solely determined by the amount of sequenced content making up the class. The amount of content students need to complete remains the same, regardless of the specified start and end dates.




The APLSE Graph features a key that identifies the required metrics for the class and students to fall into one of the following categories:

 Proficient: Students whose average performance in completed workspaces was above 70 out of 100.

 Near Proficient: Students whose average performance in completed workspaces was between 50 and 69.

 Remediation Suggested: Students whose average performance in completed workspaces was 50 or less.



Work completed in unsequenced modules are not included in the APLSE Report.



The class view of the APLSE Report provides insight into the current overall progress of the entire class as well as the current projection of year-end performance.

The Student Detail table underneath the graph provides specific metrics for each student, to help identify target students who might require remediation. You can also review incremental APLSE Score growth for each student by viewing the Improvement Score for the selected date range.



The student view of the APLSE Report displays the student's current APLSE Score, and whether or not the student is on track to complete the curriculum by the end of the class.

Hover over the graph to view the student's APLSE Score for any given week.


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