Getting Started: MATHia Class and Student Reports

Valuable information regarding students' usage of the MATHia® Software is at your fingertips in the MyCL portal page. This information is critical for assessing your students' learning and adjusting instruction as a result. You are encouraged to run reports weekly.



From the selection panel, choose the class that you would like to view from the list of available classes.

Next, select the GO button to view reports for that class. You can switch back and forth between tabs, allowing you to quickly view multiple data metrics for a class or student in just one click.




Group Filter

The Group Filter allows you to define which students are included in the class level summary of each Report. The number next to the text, "Group Summary" displays how many students are included in your current Report.

By default, all students in your class roster are included in the group. Any teachers who are enrolled as students in the class are excluded from the default group. To change this, select the Display Options > Modify Group to select/deselect students to include in the report. The students included in your group will now be displayed in the left navigation panel.

As you navigate between the various reports, the selected group of students will remain. To add or remove students, go back to Display Options > Modify Group.


Printing Reports

All reports can be generated into a PDF and/or printed. To print, select the Print icon at the top of the page and a PDF file will be created. You can print or save locally to your computer.


Exporting Reports

Different sections of each report can be exported into a comma-separated value (CSV) file. To export, select the icon located near the header of each section of a particular report.

This file can then be imported into the spreadsheet software of your choice (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) or your gradebook software.


Minimize Navigation

Click the > button to minimize or expand the navigation panel within Reports.


reporting scenarios


Each time students log into MATHia, each student's data is constantly recorded and assessed while the software is also adapting programmatically to the mastery level of each individual student. You can use our reporting system to continually assess this progress and use the results to create individualized, data-driven learning plans.

The following table describes how MATHia reports can be used at the individual student or class level.




(Group or Student)

Identify current student placement in a class

Progress Report

Group or Student

Prepare for parent conferences or IEP meetings

Progress Report or Skills Reports


Locate class-level summary data helpful for grading

Progress Report or APLSE Report


Group students according to standards progress

Standards Report


Group students according to skill mastery

Skills Report Group

View a summary of how a student is progressing in the software

Progress Report

Group or Student 

Review a student's most recent session

Session Report

Group or Student 

Summarize student usage data

Session Report