Which reports are available?

There are 5 reports available. All reports are available for a group of students or a single student.



The Session Report provides a day-to-day view of the work being completed. In the group report, you can view student averages and at the student level, you will see a more detailed view of how the student spent their time during each MATHia session. This includes metrics such as the number of workspaces completed, problems completed, total hints, and errors for each session. 




The Progress Report displays detailed progress and performance metrics for each workspace assigned. This includes metrics such as the workspace completion status, performance score, total time, syllabus completion percentage, step-by-step completion, and time on unit overview.




The Skills Report is designed to monitor skill proficiency and identify skills that need additional support or remediation. It provides detailed information about each student's skill mastery progress organized by module, unit and workspace.




The Standards Reports provides student progress and proficiency towards meeting the standards assigned to the class. 




The Adaptive Personalized Learning ScorE (APLSE) Report is a predictive report that displays class and student progress over time. The APLSE Report takes all aspects of a class or student's work into consideration and provides each class and student with an APLSE Score that accurately predicts where they will wind up at the end of the year. This allows you to guide students effectively before it’s too late.