Understanding the Data Definitions in Leadership Reports


Data Overview


Four data metrics are featured in the report:

  1. % Active Students (as well as the number of actual active students compared to total enrolled students)

  2. Average usage minutes per student per week

  3. Average % syllabus completion per student

  4. Average % APLSE performance per student

The data updates periodically, throughout the day.

Data Analysis Note: These four pieces of data are always calculated the same way, regardless of applied filters and date ranges.


Data Definitions


% Active Students
Definition: Percentage of students currently enrolled in a class who have launched MATHia and navigated to a workspace, per week, for the date range selected.


Average Usage per Student
Definition: Average minutes spent in MATHia per student, per week, for the date range selected.


Average % Syllabus Completion
Definition: Average percentage of the syllabus completed by students at the end of the selected date range.


Average % APLSE Performance
Definition: Average APLSE Performance represents how well students performed on the workspaces that they have completed.