Progress Reports: Group View

The Group Progress Report provides detailed information about a group of students and their progress and performance at the module, unit, and workspace levels in MATHia. This view identifies student progress across the entire syllabus, including module, unit, and workspace completion status, total time spent in each unit, and performance scores for each completed workspace.

The Progress at a Glance section of the report monitors class-level progress through MATHia.


The table shows the status of every workspace assigned to the student in the class, as well as their current placement within the assigned content, the number of workspaces completed, the syllabus completion percentage, and the average performance score for the date range selected.






Upon selecting a date range, the table will reflect the workspaces encountered during the specified date range. For example, if today is October 1 and I select the date range of September 10–15, then:



Selecting an individual student workspace square provides more detail about the student status for that workspace.

In the example shown, Kurt spent 56 minutes working on the workspace Modeling Direct Variation and did not master it. He completed this workspace on 03/03/2019 with a Performance Score of 56.