Skills Reports: Group View

This report is designed to monitor skill proficiency. It provides detailed information about each student's skill mastery progress organized by module, unit, and workspace.

How to use this report:




Skill level refers to the student's proficiency level of skills practiced within the workspace, at the time of completion. Students are considered to be proficient in a skill in MATHia when they demonstrate a 95% probability that they understand that skill.

Selecting on each tab allows you to focus on the skill level category breakdown by individual students. 

For each skill, a student can be in one of the following categories:

In the example above, Dario and Sheridan need Remediation on this skill. Clicking on the other tabs will display the names of students who are near proficient, proficient, and in progress.

Note: Concept Builder workspaces are not included in this report because students are developing new mathematical understandings and skills are not being measured.