Understanding the Standards Report

Group View


The Standards Report is designed to provide an easy view of student proficiency on specific standards.

The Group View of the Standards Report displays summary-level data for progress and performance on the standards assigned in the assigned content.

When you create a class in MATHia, you have the option to select a Standard Set. You can also change the standards assigned to your class in Teachers Toolkit.

The Summary section gives you insight into the progress and performance of the standards assigned to the class.

Selecting a row in the Summary table provides insight into which specific standards fall into each category and the number of students who have attempted them.

In the example above, the class has attempted 16 out of 36 standards assigned to the class. Of the 16 standards attempted, the class has reached proficiency in 9 of them. In the dark gray box, we can also see the standards which are proficient across the class.

The Details Table shows the status of every standard for every student. You can use this view to easily see trends on how your students are performing.

Selecting a box in the table displays more details about the student’s performance towards that standard and their progress.

Since a standard can be addressed in more than one workspace, students often times have more than one opportunity to demonstrate proficiency on that standard.  In this example, Dario has 2 standards with remediation suggested and 2 proficient standards.


Student View


The Student View of the Standards Report displays progress and performance data on the standards assigned to the specified student.

The top portion is similar to the Group View, with the addition of a donut graph that provides a visual representation of the student’s progress and performance towards the assigned standards. 

In this example, we can see that Dario has attempted 38.9% (14) of the assigned standards. Of the 14 standards that Dario has attempted, 9 standards are proficient, 3 standards are near proficient, and 2 standards need remediation.

The Details Section displays the student’s progress and performance grouped by domain. Expand a domain to see the standard performance for each workspace assigned to the standard.

The Progress Bar gives you insight into student performance on the workspaces that address the domain. If you expand the domain, you will see each standard assigned to the domain. Each box represents a workspace that addresses that standard and the student’s performance on that workspace.