Unlocking a MATHia Module

This article walks through the steps required for unlocking a student's module in Teacher's Toolkit, as well as how to unlock a module for all of the students in a class.

  1. Sign in to your MyCL account: www.carnegielearning.com/login
  2. Launch the Teacher'sToolkit button from MyCL.
  3. Select the class from your Teacher's Toolkit homepage or from the Classes icon in the grid in the upper righthand.
  4. From the Class Details screen, select the Lock icon. 
  5. Select Unlock.  Notice that the cell turned yellow. 

A word of caution: Unlocking a module and then locking it again will disrupt auto progress for that module, meaning the instructor will need to unlock it again for the student. Auto progress will pick up on the next module in the sequence as long as the instructor hasn't unlocked and then locked it.

You can also unlock a module for the entire class. 

  1. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 from the instructions above.
  2. From the Class Details screen, select the check box in far left cell in the top row of the table. 
  3. Select the Lock icon. 
  4. Select Unlock. Notice that the cells turned yellow.