Will my students need instruction for each MATHia unit?

Students do a wonderful job of figuring the units out by themselves, and take pride in doing so. After the first unit, you can ask the students to tell you when they get to the demo of a new unit so you can go through it together, although many students will do so independently, in pairs, or in groups. Many students find that once they are used to the platform, they enjoy the freedom of doing it their own way.

If you have concerns or know that there are students in your class with special considerations, you can make a copy of the Sample Problems and hand them out—either to the whole class, or reserve them for challenges as they arise. Most teachers, however, find that their classes know what to do with just a little bit of practice. Usually, a few of the brightest and quickest students hit the new units and word spreads first and then are asked tips and information about what’s new in the unit by their peers. Peer-group help is extremely powerful and this is a wonderful way to promote it.