Assigning a ReadyCheck Assessment

This article is for MATHia customers. To see ReadyCheck articles for MATHiaFlex, please go here.

A ReadyCheck is a brief assessment designed to test knowledge of prior-grade standards. You may preview and assign ReadyChecks just like any other test within the Test Library.


  1. Log into MyCL and navigate to the Edulastic portal.
  2. Click the green plus icon to create a new assignment. 

  3. You will land on the New Assignment page. Click Browse All to go to the Test Library, which contains all tests created by yourself or others within Edulastic.
  4. To filter for ReadyChecks, you may enter ReadyCheck into the search bar or click ReadyCheck from the Tags dropdown menu. 
  5. Hover over the tile for the ReadyCheck. You may click Preview to see a student view of the ReadyCheck. You may also click More to view extra details about the ReadyCheck and click Preview from the popup.

  6. To assign a ReadyCheck, hover over the tile and click Assign. You may also click More to view extra details about the ReadyCheck and click Assign from the popup.

  7. Once you have clicked Assign, you may choose the class/group section you want to assign the ReadyCheck to, or you may choose individual students from the class/group section. You will also be able to edit the assignment’s open/close date, open/close policy, test type, and other test settings. Once you have finished editing the settings, click the blue Assign button in the top right corner. 
  8. Once you have assigned the ReadyCheck, you will view a confirmation page with a URL to share the assessment with others or the option to share the ReadyCheck to Google Classroom. You may then return to the test library or go to the live classroom.