What is ReadyCheck for MATHiaFlex?

THIS ARTICLE IS FOR MATHIAFLEX CUSTOMERS. To see ReadyCheck articles for MATHia customers who use Carnegie Learning textbooks, please go here.

ReadyCheck is a brief, formative assessment created to support student readiness by assessing prior-grade standards prerequisites to gauge learning gaps or unfinished learning. Teachers may then use readiness data to determine instructional planning and scaffolding strategies and assignment of content in MATHiaFlex without redirecting valuable class time towards remediation. ReadyChecks help teachers meet students where they are so they can jump into teaching on-grade-level content right away.



ReadyChecks assess Common Core standards (with state standards also tagged) and can be assigned at the student or class level. ReadyChecks for MATHiaFlex assess prior-grade standards at the Domain Level (ex. Ratios and Proportional Relationships). The assessments are approximately 5-10 questions long.

*Note: All ReadyCheck questions are multiple-choice with a single correct answer.

At the end of each ReadyCheck, the student’s total score, time taken to complete the assessment, and time it was submitted are displayed on the screen. Readiness reports will be provided at the student or class level as students complete the assessments.



ReadyCheck also has reports on each student’s results available after they have completed the assessment. ReadyCheck provides another source of data for triangulating and personalizing of each student’s performance and learning experience, as well as content planning for the school year. Teachers may view each student’s scores for standards addressed in the ReadyCheck and assign content to that student based on proficiency scores.

ReadyCheck reports allow for differentiated instruction based on standards readiness. Assessment results are categorized as Likely Ready, Nearly Ready, and Review Suggested. Teachers may view performance by standards as a class average score, or they may view performance by student to see each individual’s scores for each standard tested. Teachers may then search by standard in MATHiaFlex and assign content to individual students or the whole class if a class average score for a particular standard is low.



MATHiaFlex users will be able to: