Scores Report (Class Level) for MATHiaFlex Customers

The Scores Report - Class Level helps teachers to easily view and enter scores for students. The default display is by raw score, but scores can also be displayed as a percentage.



After logging into MATHiaFlex and selecting the appropriate class, click on Reports on the top toolbar.

By default, the Scores Report will load, giving you an overview of the assignments and students for your class. Only assignments that are assigned and visible to students will be displayed in the Scores Report.

Entering Scores


You may enter an individual score by selecting the cell for the student and assignment. This modal will allow you to view the due date, add/modify the score, and leave a grading note. The grading note is not displayed to students. Be sure to click Apply.

*Note: you may still give scores to students by viewing the assignment for the student(s) from your assignment dashboard. This will allow you to view their submission details.


Assignment History Log


When you click on the cell for a student and assignment, you will see the assignment history log. This view displays the most recent assignment changes. You may Add a Note here, which will show up in the history log along with the score update. These notes are not visible to students.



The Quick Evaluate feature allows you to assign the same score to all students who have submitted the given assignment. It will not be applied to already evaluated assignments. Click the assignment title to view the assignment details and the Quick Evaluate option.


Understanding Assignment Statuses


Clicking on the legend will display the possible assignment statuses.


Handling Multiple Due Dates


You may have multiple due dates for an assignment. If an assignment has multiple due dates, the word “Multiple” will appear in the Due Date Column. Click on the word Multiple to see the different student due dates.


Accessing the Student Report


You may click on a row for a student to bring up their individual Student Report. See Scores Report - Student for more information.