Navigating the Standards Navigator for MATHiaFlex Users

The Standards Navigator allows teachers to view state and national standards per math level and the workspaces associated with each standard. Teachers can use this tool to assign students workspaces that are in line with the progression of content dictated by the state or national standards.



After logging into MATHiaFlex and selecting your math class, click on Standards Navigator. Select the appropriate Grade Level or topic for your class.




Next, select the appropriate Domain. Below is an example of the domains within the Grade 6 level. When exploring the Standards Navigator, use the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen to move forward/backward.

After selecting a domain, individual standards are visible, with short descriptions about desired student outcomes.


After selecting a standard, teachers may view Prerequisite Standards, Postrequisite Standards, and Lateral Standards. Click on any of these standards to expand. 

In the example above, the standard of interest (6.NS.C.6.a) has two prerequisite standards (3.NF.A.2 & 6.NS.C.5), four postrequisite standards (6.NS.C.6.b, 6.NS.C.7.b, 6.EE.B.8, & 7.NS.A.1.b), and one lateral standard (6.NS.C.7.a). Use the breadcrumbs at the top to view the hierarchy of standards, and navigate back to Domains.


While viewing a standard, teachers may scroll down to view the associated Workspace(s). Pacing Data is available for each individual workspace as well as for all workspaces in the standard (if applicable) to allow for teachers to plan their lessons. If multiple workspaces are present for a standard, they will be sorted top to bottom in a Recommended Coherence Order, a sequence of completing workspaces determined by Carnegie Learning as ideal for achieving proficiency in that particular standard.

Click the blue plus sign to Assign the content that you would like to assign to your students or class and complete the process of How to Assign Content (from the Standards Navigator), as outlined here. Choose Assign All to assign all workspaces for a standard.