Creating Custom Modules

The Create Module Wizard lets you construct a customized sequence of units to use as a module. You can add to, reorder, and/or eliminate units of instruction from any of the modules owned by your school or school district.


Open the waffle in the upper right corner and sleect Custom Modules.


There are three steps to create your custom module.

  1. Select Method To get started, click Create Module.


    1. Enter a unique name that's less than 26 characters long. Click Create New when complete.


    2. Select the Content for the module:

      1. Select existing module(s) from which to choose units.

      2. Select units from the list of what's available to include in your Custom Module.

      3. Put the units in whatever order you prefer.

      4. Analyze the Custom Module for redundancies.


      5. Save your work and continue to the next step.

      When you click Save/Analyze, a window will open that shows any Redundancy Warnings. We recommend reordering the units as suggested to resolve any warnings.

    3. Publish Module:

      Once steps 1 and 2 are complete, you can publish the module to make it available for assignment to classes. All teachers from your school will have access to the module. Once it's been published, the custom module will no longer appear in the Create Module Wizard, and you will not be able to edit it further.