Will I need to use any summative assessment material other than that which is included with the course?

The Carnegie Learning program provides many summative assessment options—five different summative tests per Topic (which are detailed below) are provided to measure student performance on a clearly denoted set of standards. All assessments are available online in MyCL and in Edulastic, which allow for customization. 

If you find that you need more assessments, assignments not given as homework can be used as well. Additionally, the Teachers Implementation Guide offers helpful suggestions for the timing of the different assessment offerings.


Pre- and Post-Tests


The Pre-Test and Post-Test are parallel forms. Use these assessments when you want to measure growth over the topic.


Standardized Test


Multiple choice questions help students prepare for standardized test. Items include multiple choice and multiple select.


End of Topic Tests


End of Topic Test Form A and Form B are parallel assessments. Items include short-answer and openended questions.