Carnegie Learning Online Learning Environment WL

The Carnegie Learning online learning environment is designed for students to engage in the language and cultures being taught, complete activities and assignments, and use tools to practice and perform inside and outside of the classroom. Students can access resources and complete a variety of assignment types using any type of electronic device with an internet connection.

Teachers are able to access resources, assign and evaluate student work, track student performance, and personalize the learning experience for their students. The variety of resources and tools allows teachers to design engaging and interactive lessons for their students, taking into account the students’ abilities and the technology available.



Online Learning Environment TOOLS AND RESOURCES *resources vary by program


eBook activities from the student edition, workbooks, and other ancillaries can be assigned to students for completion inside or outside of class. You control the work assigned, how many attempts the students are allowed, the start and due dates for assignments, and grading. Many activities are automatically graded and students receive automatic feedback. Others are teacher-graded, but you can also set those to automatically grade for completion if you choose.

Performance activities are also video responses, but those are shared only with the teacher. You control the prompt, the amount of time students have to prepare and record their response, as well as how many attempts they get for each. You have the ability to give written and/or video feedback to the students, and grade on a proficiency scale using our proficiency-based rubric.

Custom activities can be added to include materials of your own, allow students to upload projects, or incorporate writing activities into your lessons. You can also use custom activities to work with resources such as eReaders and iCulture. Student responses can be simply an acknowledgement that they received the resource, a short writing in a text box, or the uploading of a file. All work stays in the online learning environment.

eReader libraries are available with all World Language programs. Some eReaders have audio features and interactive activities to give students immediate feedback. Others include printable activities and vocabulary lists. Students have the ability to highlight, annotate, and bookmark pages.

Bundles give you a way to pull together different activities and resources into a single assignment for students. You can include eBook activities, or Performance activities, and your own Custom activities. You choose the activities, order of activities, total point value, and due date.

iCulture is a cultural immersion resource for world languages which includes travel videos, day in the life videos, current news, and karaoke songs, which are updated each month during the school year. These are great for comprehensible input and the activities you can do with these assets are endless. There are pre-built activities for all items. *Available for Spanish, French, and German

Integrated Performance Assessments are available for each unit of each level for all World Language programs. They include a single interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational task, as well as an optional reflection task. These are all authentic resources and real-world tasks you can use to assess and track your students’ performance. We provide the tasks, resources, and links, as well as an integration guide and scoring rubric for each task.