Edit Your Profile WL

You can edit the way your name appears, your time zone or state (if incorrect), change your password, allow Customer Support access to troubleshoot your account, and add or update your profile image.

Edit User Settings



  1. To edit your profile, click the square in the upper right corner of your account and select Profile.


  1. Edit User Settings: You can edit the way your name appears to students, update your time zone or state if they are incorrect, and change your password. Note: Do not change your password if you use single sign-on to access Passport. 

  2. Update the information you wish to change.

  3. Update User Settings will activate in blue if you have made changes. Be sure to click to save changes.



Update Profile Image



  1. To edit your profile image, click Profile Image.

  2. You can either select a file from your computer or use your webcam to take a picture.

  1. After you have the photo on your screen, click Update Profile Image to save.




  1. To change your password, click Change Password.

  2. Enter your new password in both fields.

  3. Click Update Password.