eBook Navigation and Tools WL

eBook navigation tools allow you to easily change settings, navigate the eBook, and add bookmarks, highlights and annotations.


  1. You can access your eBooks, including the interactive eBook versions of your Student Edition, Workbooks, and eReaders, on your Resources page. *Available eBooks vary

  2. Access your Resources page by clicking on the books icon in the left menu of your online learning environment screen.

  1. You will see all available Resources including your eBooks, eReaders, Flash Cards, Grammar Videos, etc. You can use the Filters to switch to resources for a different level of your language program, or filter to a specific resource. You can also use Search to search for a resource.

  2. Click on a cover to open an eBook.

  1. When you open your eBook, you will see toolbar options on each side of the book.


  1. On the left, you have the following options:

Search for a word or phrase in the book

Grab and move the page around on your screen

Click and drag to highlight and annotate

Interactive table of contents


Double page view

Ancillary link (this will only appear if there is a link on the page)

  1. On the right, you have the following options:

Keyboard shortcuts key

App settings, including display mode

Fit screen

Print page

Zoom in / Zoom out

Next page / Jump to page / Previous page



  1. Click the gear icon  to access App Settings.

    1. Print Annotations will allow you to print or save a PDF of all annotations you have made in that eBook.

    2. Display Mode can be toggled from Light to Dark for the screen background.

    3. You can disable Keyboard Shortcuts.

    4. You can turn on Class View for the eBook. Your teacher may ask you to do this so that she and your classmates can see all students’ eBook highlights and annotations.




  1. You can click the highlight icon  to draw a box and highlight a section. When you highlight a section, you will have the following annotation options:


Change highlight color

Leave written annotation

Record audio annotation

Record video annotation

Upload file 

Delete highlight and annotation