Program Resources Page

On the Resources page in the online learning environment, you will see a number of tiles with resources specific to your language. You can find a list of all of the Program Resources in your Annotated Teacher’s Edition eBook on page 01. 

The resources vary by program but include things like links to all of your eBooks, answer keys, audio and video files, additional resources, as well as your quizzes, tests and printable Integrated Performance Assessments. You will also find any other resources that are downloadable, editable or printable.


  1. To access your resources in the online learning environment, you must first have a class created. 

  2. Once you have selected a class and are on the Class Dashboard, click Content Library, then Resources.

  1. Within the online learning environment, you have digital access to all levels of your program. Switch to view a different level using the filters at the top of the screen. There is also a type filter, resource filter, and search bar where you can search for the title of a resource.



  1. Navigate to the class you wish to explore. Click on Content Library, then Resources

  2. Click on the Annotated Teacher’s Edition and navigate to page 01.

  3. Here are examples from ¡Qué chéveré! and T’es branché? 2nd edition Level 1.

  1. Anything that says PDF next to it is downloadable and you can print whatever pages you need.

  2. The Quizzes and Tests have a Word DOC next to them that is downloadable and editable.

  3. Audio and Video files are in Google Drive folders that you can save; you can also download any of the audio and video files that you wish.

Other items of interest may include:

Textbook Audio Program / Audio Files Audio scripts and link to audio files.
e-Visuals Interactive vocabulary graphic with audio linked with vocabulary presentations.
Flash Cards Link to already-created vocabulary practice in Quizlet. Students can practice their vocabulary and you can also use the flashcards in class for activities like Quizlet Live.
Grammar Videos 15 videos per unit linked with grammar presentations. Students can review the video as needed when doing homework or preparing for a lesson.
Games Grammar and vocabulary games give students a fun way to reinforce grammar and vocabulary items on their own.
Online Pre-Tests Link to practice test with immediate feedback. Students can complete this prior to a quiz or test; you can also use it as a whole class review.
Communicative Activities (PDF) Printable resource with 4 types of communicative activities: Information gap activities, short writing activities, situation cards for interpersonal practice and communications function checklists. These are great for the beginning or end of class, or as practice for a larger performance-based assessment.
TPR Storytelling (PDF) *Level 1 only This manual provides an introduction and overview of how to implement TPR storytelling in your classroom. There is a basic and advanced story available for every unit, as well as an assessment rubric.