Resources Overview WL

In the online learning environment, you have access to all of the program resources available for your language program, as well as access to iCulture and eReaders. (Note: not all programs include iCulture and eReaders)


  1. To access your resources in the online learning environment, you must first have a class created. 

  2. Once you have selected a class and are on the Class Dashboard, click Content Library in the lower left.

  3. Then, click Resources.


Within the online learning environment, you have digital access to all levels of your program. Switch to view a different level by using the filters at the top of the screen. There is also a type filter, resource filter, and search bar where you can search for the title of a resource or book.


  1. Program Resources: These are your textbook resources, including student and teacher editions, workbooks, lesson plans, videos, etc. The Program Resources vary by language.

  2. iCulture: The passport icon takes you to the iCulture resources for Spanish, French, or German. There are videos, news articles, and songs that are updated monthly and weekly with new content. It also includes an archive going back to 2009. 

  3. eReaders: Leveled eReaders are available for each program. The type and number of readers vary by program. 

  4. Edulastic: Lesson quizzes and unit tests for ¡Qué Chévere! 2e and T’es branché? 2e are available to edit and administer online through Edulastic.